Wednesdays | 6:30-8pm | beginning January 11

Awana will be available for age 2 through 6th Grade. Nursery care will also be available.

Creative Teaching Strategies

Teacher: Collaborative
Description: When teaching the Bible the truth of what the text says is always the most important consideration. But after the truth has been discerned, presenting that truth in creative ways—ways that do justice to the beauty of Scripture—immediately rises in terms of priorities. This is a collaborative class focused on building creative instincts in teaching the Bible (or anything else for that matter).
Cost: Free

Evangelism: Biblical Principles; Faithful Application

Teacher: Tom Clothier
Description: A class that centers on the biblical command to evangelize while not losing sight of the practical ball in the hypothetical weeds.
Cost: Free

Habakkuk: Learning to Live by Faith (WOMENS STUDY)

Teacher: Christine Overholt
Description: From Habakkuk the prophet we learn that when God’s ways don’t seem to make sense, it’s only because we can’t see the end from the beginning, and because in this lifetime we get only a beginning glimpse of the magnitude of all God is. We also learn from Habakkuk what to do in seasons of waiting. Habakkuk also shows us that God is faithful to deliver his people—including us—from every trouble in his own way and time. Will we trust? If so, we will also wait, and we will prove in our own lives that God is worth waiting for.
Cost: $5

Prayer Meeting

Teacher: Collaborative
Description: A weekly gathering to focus prayer on a specific topic. This is not a gathering for prayer requests but rather a time of corporate prayer that narrows in on topics pertinent to the ministry of Headwaters Church
Cost: Free

Personal Self-Defense

Teacher: Dave Watts
Description: A clear and interactive approach to self-defense. Gain confidence in your personal safety as well as physical capability.
Cost: Free

 Christianity’s Starting 5 (+1) ***This class does not start until MARCH 8th***

Teacher: Luke Suciu
Description: A look at the 5 (+1) most influential Christian thinkers post-Apostle Paul. A proverbial starting five (plus the first man off the bench) in terms of Christian influence. Each week will focus on a different theologian that has had an outsized impact on Christian thinking and doctrine.
Cost: Free