Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

Begin April 18 | 9:15 & 10:45 am
Wells Street

Why should I join an ABF?

These groups exist to provide our congregation with a relationally manageable group to know and be known by the body of Christ. 

There is a lengthy list in the New Testament of commands related to Christian community and our local church intends for many of these commands to find their natural home within ABFs.

If you have not been a part of an ABF in the past now is a great time to consider entering into the body of Christ at Headwaters in a deeper way.

It is hard work but the Bible is clear that we are given each other to build up and edify all to God’s glory. Now is the time to engage relationally.


Which ABF do I choose?

The ABFs are loosely organized by the year when you were born and all of the age ranges overlap to make it abundantly clear that you can choose whichever ABF works best for you (even if you are nowhere near the recommended age range...that is not a problem).

abf table

Things to consider if you have older Kids or Teens:

Sunday Morning Youth and 3rd-5th Grade Kids classes will meet only at 10:45am, so these students will need to attend the 9:00 Service. 

If you wish to sit together as a family during the Worship Service and you have students in these groups, you will want to choose an ABF that meets at 10:45am.

Or you could choose to have your older child or teen sit with friends if you will not be in the same service. 

(Kids classes Birth-2nd Grade are provided at 9:00 & 10:45 am.)

Why do we need to register?

If you would please register for the first week only it would help us to know which ABFs should be in which spaces. 

Registering is not a long term commitment, just a helpful tool for planning and communication.