Pfenniger Family- Africa

As of the fall of 2021, we made the decision to return to HBB (Hôpital 
Baptiste Biblique) as full-time missionaries with ABWE.  We are excited about what the Lord has for us there!  We are going back to form relationships and be a part of the lives of the Togolese, both those who 
work at and those who come to the hospital for help as patients. HBB is 
a medical-surgical hospital that provides outpatient and inpatient care 
for roughly 16,000 patients a year that includes 2,200 inpatient and 
1,000 surgeries.  Up until the summer of 2021, HBB also provided OB care 
that included 600 delivers a year.  However, secondary to a lack of OB 
providers, HBB had to close the OB program.  In returning to HBB, we 
have been asked to reopen the OB service.  Our goal is not simply to 
re-open OB, but to create an in-house midwife training program that will 
be part of a long-term solution of not only training OB providers but 
also providing God-centered OB care and brining glory to God’s name.


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