Discover Church: Fellowship

Speaker: John Suciu

The lasting effects of the Covid pandemic continue to ripple through churches as well as society at large. Many people have reconsidered their relationship to church. Is it necessary? Should it be this hard? Can’t I just have a personal relationship with Jesus? In short, if you or anyone else had an underlying question about the purpose and place of church in their life, the last few years brought that question to the surface.

What we find when we turn to the Bible is perhaps surprising: Not only is Church necessary, it is supposed to be hard. The New Testament vision of Church asks a lot of those who are in Christ. Christians are called to continual self-sacrifice, purposeful fellowship, intentional presence, surprising generosity, ongoing service, and a litany of other things. If you’re doing church correctly it is going to be hard, because it will ask a lot of you.

We will spend five weeks collectively focusing on the integral instruction from the New Testament on the beautiful and difficult reality of the local church. Whether you are unwaveringly committed to the local church or already have one foot over the fence ready to run away from the church forever, we invite you to come and Discover Church.